Church Roof Update!

A few weeks ago we wrote about how the new church in Colora was hit hard by high winds that blew their roof completely off. Then, through the faithfulness of God, the generosity of Hope Rising supporters and other ministry friends, all of the money needed to replace the roof was raised and sent to Haiti.

We are now happy to report that the building materials were delivered and re-construction on the church roof has begun!


Construction has moved quickly and the materials arrived according to plan. With this roof back in place, the rains will no longer threaten to destroy the church pews or the inside of the church.


Thank you again for your generous support of this great work in Haiti. It's always very encouraging to see such visible and impactful change in the lives of our friends in Haiti. The church in Colora, Pastor Remy and Pastor Yves all send their thanks and love.

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