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Clean water for a remote mountain community

The community of Gross Moulin is in desperate need of clean water for their community, but they have been let down time and time again by leaders and organizations who haven’t followed through on their promises. With the help of generous supporters like you, Hope Rising can bring life-changing clean water to a community in desperate need!


the Gross Moulin Water Tanks

Gross Moulin is a region of 10 small towns, located southeast of Laschobas, Haiti on a large mountain. This extremely remote area takes at least 3 hours to access by foot. During the day, the families in the area struggle to access water. The current pumps don’t have enough water pressure to fill things quickly, and the community of 1,700 people has to rely on two small, faraway water springs. 

For many years, the people in these villages had to trek to this water source, and the remote mountain location made it impossible to bring up well drilling equipment. In 1996, an organization claimed that they could bring water closer to the community with a new water system. Unfortunately, the contractors only added two small pipes that only brought a weak flow of water, and stole the rest of the money the community had raised. The water pressure is so low that people have to wait in line for hours to access clean water for themselves and their families. 

In January 2021, we heard how the community of Gross Moulin had been struggling. Time and time again, politicians promised that they would make water more accessible to the community. Every time, those leaders broke their promises, and the community was reluctant to trust anyone who said they could help.

Our contact spoke with the people of Gross Moulin, and they could tell that he was a faithful man of God who would follow through on his word, and agreed to let him help bring water to their community. 

To make water more accessible, we are hoping to build two underground tanks which would be connected by a length of pipe. This type of system is typically called a Cistern System. These pipes will fill the tanks with water from the springs, and people will be able to access the water with a manual pump. By installing a manual system, we can make it less likely that the system will need repairs in the future. Overall, the project is estimated to cost $11,000. 

The rainy season is rapidly approaching in Haiti, and the team wants to start the construction of the tank quickly to avoid any delays in the digging process. Please join us in praying that the funds would be raised to provide water for this community!

The Need

Clean water for a remote mountain community

How can YOU help?

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Funding Goal: $12,000



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