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New Home for Family of 8 Underway

Widow Benjamin Dieulifete was connected to us because she needed a safe, sturdy house to shelter and protect her family during Haiti’s rainy season. She prayed faithfully for an answer to her need. Thanks to your support, Benjamin and her seven children will receive a new home!

The family’s current house is very small and built from sticks, mud, and scraps of sheet metal, which provide little protection against the fierce wind and driving rain. There is only one bed, and many family members are unable to sleep on the wet, muddy floors when the rain comes.

With construction underway on their new home, Benjamin and her children can’t wait to make the move. The structure will include multiple rooms, a latrine, and a private shower area.

Benjamin is grateful for your support, which shows her the love of God.

“I am always faithful in knowing God never forgets his children,” she says. “Thank you for your love toward my family!”

Hope Rising Haiti is also thankful for your generous support to provide for the people of Haiti, especially those who are in desperate need like Benjamin.

“I am always faithful in knowing God never forgets his children. Thank you for your love toward my family!”

Benjamin Dieulifete

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