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Help build a home for an elderly widow

Life has been extremely difficult for Bethanie Thelusme and her seven children, especially after her husband passed away 18 years ago. With the help of Hope Rising Haiti, we can help her complete her home and provide her with a safe, comfortable place to live.


Bethanie Thelusme

Before Bethanie’s husband passed away, they had started building their own home and made progress on two rooms of the house. Unfortunately, her husband passed away before they could finish the rooms or install doors, and the harsh tropical weather has caused the current sheet metal roofing to rot and deteriorate. During the rainy season, it’s very difficult for the family to remain dry in the house. Without doors, the home is very unsafe, and the home also lacks a latrine and shower area.

Bethanie can’t afford to make the repairs to her home. Recently she found herself unable to work, which meant she couldn’t pay for her kids to go to school or take care of her family. Hope Rising Haiti heard about this faithful woman’s need, and would like to help her finish her home and make the necessary repairs. With the funding, we will also be able to build a latrine and shower area for the family.

Please pray for Bethanie and her family, and pray that God would provide the funds needed to make her home safe and secure.

“To tell you honestly, life is very difficult for me and my kids. These days, life seems to be almost impossible.”

Bethanie Thelusme
The Need

A safe, sturdy home for a widow

How can YOU help?

Donate to Help complete a widow’s home and add a latrine and shower area
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Funding Goal: $12,000


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The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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