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Provide a new church building for a growing congregation

The Need:

A new church building


Help provide a new building for Cachiman Church

Located near the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the church in Cachiman is a rapidly growing body of believers. In Pastor Yves’ words, “Cachiman would welcome the blessing of a new church building. It is a dynamic and growing congregation.” In fact, the church is multiplying so quickly that it’s outgrowing its current building!

Back in March 2021, our team (Blake, Marci, Jace, and Taylor) visited the location, and Jace preached during a service. It was such a gift to be able to meet with this vibrant church!

The cost of constructing a new church building is estimated at $98,000. Please pray for the faithful believers at the church in Cachiman, and consider how you might help support this project!

The Need

Provide a new church building for a growing congregation

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The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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