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Community of 1,700 Overjoyed With New Water Cistern

We are so excited to share the good news that the community of Gros Moulin now has easy access to clean water. Thank you for your support in changing the lives of so many in this community.

Gros Moulin is a region of 10 small towns, located southeast of Lascahobas, Haiti, on a large mountain with rough terrain. This extremely remote area takes at least three hours to access by foot.

The remote mountain location made it impossible to bring up well-drilling equipment. In 1996, an organization claimed that they could bring water closer to the community with a new water system. Unfortunately, the contractors only added two small pipes that brought a weak flow of water, and stole the rest of the money the community had raised. The water pressure was so low that people had to wait in line for hours to access clean water for themselves and their families.

During the day, people gathered from sun up to sun down to fill their containers. The water continued to flow throughout the night, wasting this precious commodity.

Hope Arrives

In February 2021, our liaison Enel visited, and though it seemed impossible to realize any kind of project in this remote area, God gave him the strength and the resolve to keep trying.

The plan was to build a cistern to catch the water that was being wasted throughout the night. Enel shared their need with the local committee who agreed that this was an important project. Hope Rising Haiti agreed and we began raising funds.

The community there was so happy to hear the good news. Each time Enel visited, they asked, “Is today the day that we start?” It took time to raise the funds and he encouraged them to remain faithful in the fact that God is always with them and He provides.

And God DID provide! With your financial help, the lives of the people in Gros Moulin were changed.

Getting to Work

The project took almost 12 months to build an underground reservoir to catch the water. The rainy season set the team back by filling the space with water over and over again.

But the work continued regardless of setbacks (even a broken foot!), and the community knew that the completed project would help so many.

Thank You

This project would not have been possible without your help. We are so grateful for your support—and so are our friends in Haiti.

“Some big and strong words of thanks are coming from all who live there. They said it is a precious gift from God and they are so grateful!”
—Enel, Hope Rising Haiti Liaison

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The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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