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Giving a family a safe, dry shelter

Jacqueline Osse and her children live in a small home which needs many repairs and doesn’t provide adequate shelter from Haiti’s tropical weather. With your help, Hope Rising Haiti can ensure that this family has a secure home to protect them from the wind and rain. 

Life in Jacqueline’s home is challenging for her and her family. When it rains, water leaks into the house and some of her family has to stand until the rain stops. The house is also in unstable condition, and it’s a great risk for the family to continue living there. 


Jacqueline Osse

Jacqueline lacked the resources to build a better home, so she turned to God to send the help she needed.  Hope Rising Haiti’s local committee heard about Jacqueline’s need, and approved her family to be placed on the list of home requests. Jacqueline was grateful for the help she will receive from Hope Rising Haiti, and credited the future blessing of a new home to the power of prayer. 

We’re so grateful for the prayer and support from people like you. Please pray that Jacqueline will receive a new home, and please consider how God can use you to help meet this need. 

“Prayer is the tool available to me and I am using it to petition the grace of God to send a Good Samaritan to help.”

Jacqueline Osse
The Need

A safe, dry shelter for Jacqueline's family. $7,000 will build her a home, and $1,000 will build her a latrine and shower area.

How can YOU help?

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Funding Goal: $8,000


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The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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