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Lineda Piton is a 24-year-old woman who is a faithful servant of the Lord.

She lives with her parents and four siblings in a very small home. Their father has been struggling with health problems, so their mother works to provide for the family.

Because the home lacks space, some of her family had to move out of the home and into the hen house in the yard. Lineda shared her family’s need for a new home with Hope Rising Haiti.

“My parents can’t really build a home because of their economic problems,” Lineda said. “I’d like to be in a more comfortable place than the hen house to do my church activities as I should. I’d like to be in a quiet place to pray. Thank you, dear brothers and sisters, specifically for taking me into consideration. I will continue to pray and remain faithful that He will answer my prayers.”

Please join us in praying for Lineda and her family and please consider how you can help her family build their new home.

The Need

A larger home for a family. $12,000 will build a home with a latrine and shower area.

How can YOU help?

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Funding Goal: $12,000


Join the cause

The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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