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This Family of 7 Says Thank You for Their New Home

We are so excited to report that a new home has been built for a family who was desperately in need of a safe, dry house. The request came from 42-year-old Louis Afin on behalf of his pregnant wife and their four children.

The home they were living in was narrow, small, and leaking. During the rainy season, it was impossible for them to live in the structure, with water from the street coming into the house and causing many issues.

Thanks to your support, they now have a safe, sturdy place to call home. The new house includes a private latrine area and private bucket-shower area, which is very rare to see in rural Haiti.

Louis says they are so grateful and the home has changed their lives, especially with the new baby and his wife nursing.

“Thank you to Pastor Blake and your team for deciding to help people who can’t help themselves.”

Louis Afin

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