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Marie Exima’s current rental property

A safe home for a widow and her children

support a family for many years

Marie Exima’s life has been filled with many challenges, but despite her circumstances she continues to trust God to provide for her needs. After many struggles through the years, she reached out to Hope Rising Haiti to ask for a safe home for her and her children. With your help, we can build a new house to shelter Marie’s family for future generations.


Marie Exima

15 years ago, Marie Exima’s husband passed away and she became the sole provider for five children. In 2010, her house was destroyed during the devastating Haiti earthquakes, and she lived in a shelter for a year. Marie later rented a home for her family to live in, but she struggles to afford the monthly payments.

In addition to her financial struggles, her current home offers very little protection against the rain. Marie tried to cover her roof with sheet metal, but the roof still leaks and gets everything wet. Marie is exhausted by the constant threats that the wind and rain pose to her home, but she trusts God for help with her home.

Through our local partners, Marie has been nominated to receive a home through Hope Rising Haiti. She was thrilled to know that she is on our list to receive this blessing, and hopes that the new home can be a place for her family to live for many generations.

“I’m asking for help because I want to leave my children in a better place before I die,” Marie said. She’s grateful for the local partners and Hope Rising Haiti, and appreciates all that the organization does for the Haitian community.

We couldn’t do this meaningful work without the prayers and help from our generous supporters, and we’re grateful for your help with crucial projects like these. Please pray for Maria Exima and her family, and please consider how you can help meet her urgent need.

“It’s very meaningful because you bring the good Samaritans to us to bless us all the way!”

Marie Exima
The Need

A safe home for a widow and her children. $12,000 will build a home with a latrine and shower area.

How can YOU help?

Build a new home to support a family for many years.
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Funding Goal: $12,000


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The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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