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The Need:

Housing to accommodate a new Pastor, Jacques, and visiting missionaries at the church in Thomassique.

Pictured is a local group of Pastors who met after the passing of Pastor Roger Soloman. Eventually, they selected Pastor Jacques to lead the church in Thomassique.

How We Can Help:

Provide a home for Pastor Jacques.


In March, we shared the sad news that Pastor Roger, the leader of the Thomassique Church, had passed away. While the church mourns the loss of their beloved leader, the people in this community remain faithful. While they will never “replace” Pastor Roger, they are praying that God will help them find a new leader.

Recently, the church board shared their struggle to find a new pastor for their congregation. Part of the challenge is that most pastors are married, have families, and are drawn to larger communities with more resources. One way the board hopes to attract potential pastoral candidates is through a home. 

The church would like to build a home for Pastor Jacques as he leads the congregation and faithfully continues God’s work in the area. It would also be a place to host visiting missionaries.  

The estimated cost of the home is $38,000. Please join us in praying for this community and that God will meet this need in their time of grief.

Pastor Jacques and his bride began the new year by being united in Holy matrimony.

The Need

Housing to accommodate Pastor Jacques and visiting missionaries at the church in Thomassique

How can YOU help?

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Funding Goal: $38,000


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The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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