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Giving a family a safe, dry shelter

Help Rose Marie finish her family's home.

When Rose Marie Lorand began building a new house for her family, it seemed like her dream of owning her own home would soon be a reality. But a shortage of funds left her in desperate need, and she was forced to stop construction on her home. However, God led Rose Marie to Hope Rising Haiti, who agreed to help her finish the project. With your prayers and financial support, we can help Rose Marie complete her home so she and her family can have a safe, dry shelter.


Rose Marie Lorand

After she was forced to halt progress on the home, Rose prayed that God could make it possible to finish the work she had started. Her prayers led her to Hope Rising Haiti for help, and she’s hopeful that she can soon have a safe new place to live. Rose Marie is incredibly grateful for this new opportunity, and views it as a blessing from God.

“I am found in a position where the light of God’s love is shining on my family’s life,” Rose Marie said. “We wanted to finish this task a long time ago, but the opportunity was missing.” Now, God has provided this opportunity to Rose Marie and her family – but she needs your prayers and support to receive the money to finish the project.

We’re so thankful and blessed by our supporters who make our work among the wonderful Haitian people possible. With your prayers and financial support, Hope Rising Haiti and our local partners can help Rose Marie finish the home for her family. Please join us in praying for this need, and please consider how you can support this project. 

The Need

A safe, dry shelter for Rose Marie's family. $12,000 will build a home with a latrine and shower area.

How can YOU help?

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Funding Goal: $12,000


Join the cause

The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people.
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