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Sarazin Church & School

School & church build: Completed August 2020

The Need

A new building for the church/school in Sarazin

How we helped

Built a new church/school



Sharing the love of Jesus with the Community of Sarazin

Pastor Jethro and his faithful community have a safe place to gather and worship.

Pastor Jethro and his faithful community had been meeting in a rundown building with a roof that covered less than 20% of the building. This lack of safe and reliable facilities would cripple many communities, however for this group of believers it has only served as a springboard to strengthen their resolve and trust in the Lord. Weekly, they gathered to pray for a secure and reliable building.

It is difficult to imagine the joy they felt when we shared the good news that we had the funds to complete their new building.  The building was completed in 2020 and we were honored to be present for the Dedication Ceremony in August.

This new building will suit the growing needs of the community and provides space for the school that Pastor Jethro had started years before. The opportunity for a solid education provides hope for a better future not only for the children, but for the community as well.

This building will also accommodate Pastor Jethro’s “Bread Ministry” passing freshly baked bread and the word of the Lord on Sunday mornings to those in his community and many from surrounding areas as well.

This beautiful new building, with its hand chiseled stone entry,  is also home to a full baptistery at the front of the church with a mural reminiscent of the waters of Baptism.  It is an amazing space to be welcomed into the light of God’s love.

Praise God for all that He is doing in the community of Sarazin and thank you to everyone who supported this project through prayer and financial donations.

Update: January 2021

Sarazin Church Pathways are Complete!

The newly constructed Sarazin Church and School building was in need of surrounding pathways. As the rain began on the morning of the Dedication Ceremony, we realized that this community and its faithful people would face the challenge of trudging through ankle-deep mud to arrive at church.

With the help of our local Construction Foreman, Theo, we developed a plan to install concrete pathways to enable Pastor Jethro and his congregation to arrive in their Sunday best without walking through all of the mud.

It didn’t take long to fund this project and the work was underway very quickly. Crews selected and placed each stone before the concrete set them in place.

Thank you to all who continue to support God’s work in Haiti!

"Coffee House" program

One way Pastor Jethro has helped share God’s love with Sarazin is through the “Coffee House” program. This brilliant program serves the community by offering fresh baked bread from their ovens on Sunday mornings. The bread sustains the physical needs of his community and many people from the surrounding areas. Most importantly, the ministry has helped fulfill spiritual needs by sharing Jesus’s love and shining the light of God into their spiritual darkness.

Perhaps the greatest success of the Sarazin Church is witnessed during baptism: a full and public commitment of one’s life to God. Praise God for Pastor Jethro’s leadership, which is helping the Sarazin Church!

Update: May 2021

Sarazin Church is blessed with a new roof

We rejoiced with the community in Sarazin back in September 2020, as their prayers for a safe and sturdy building where they could worship and educate their children had been answered.

Unfortunately, the severe Haitian weather and humidity took its toll on the roof of this brand new building. In just six short months, the metal roof panels were beginning to rust out.

Our teams had the roof inspected and it was determined that the roof would need to be replaced and coated at a cost of $15,000. Your faithful giving enabled Hope Rising Haiti to answer their call for help.

While this faithful community and their leader, Pastor Jethro, were disappointed that their building would be under construction again, they were happy that Hope Rising Haiti was able to help them restore this wonderful building.

This roof is now complete and a special coating has been applied. This coating will extend the life of the roof by more than 15-20 years. It also helps reduce the temperature inside the building.

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