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Vilme Sylvane's Home

The Need

Protect a widow, her children, and grandchildren from the wind and rain

How we helped

We built a safe, sturdy home to protect a family from the elements



We’re thrilled to announce that Vilme Sylane’s home is fully funded!

Praise God for his provision, and thank you to all who gave to this project and made this new home possible.

Vilme Sylane is a widow who lives with her four children and five grandchildren in a small home. The family was in desperate need of a sturdy new home to protect them from Haiti’s violent tropical storms. Now that the project is fully funded, we can provide a safe new house that the family can call their own. 

Vilme’s current house has many problems that make life difficult for the family. The roof is broken in many places, and the family tries to patch up the holes with palm tree leaves. During the rainy season, the house can’t withstand the force from the wind and rain, and the harsh weather causes a great deal of suffering for them.

Vilme prayed to God for a new home, and God pointed her to Pastor Blake and Hope Rising Haiti.  The local committee approved her request and placed her on the list of new homes to build, and through the power of prayer and the generosity of our supporters, God provided the resources for her to get a new home. 

Vilme praised God for giving her hope in her difficult situation, and appreciated the blessing she can receive from Hope Rising Haiti through your support. 

“As I prayed to God, He heard my voice and sent his blessing to me through the Good Samaritans (at Hope Rising Haiti),” said Vilme. 

Thank you to all who supported this project and enabled Vilme and her family to get the safe, sturdy home they need! Join us in praying that the construction process will move along without delay, and that the new home will be ready soon.

Ministry Update:

Vilme Sylane’s prayers are answered!

Plans to build on the parcel of land that Vilme and her family owned were delayed before they began. The construction team quickly learned that during the rainy season, large streams of water ran directly through the center of her property. They discussed the option of building a retaining wall to divert the water away from where the home would be built. However, this plan proved to be cost prohibitive, and Vilme’s hope for a new home was disappearing. Again, she turned to God, asking Him to help carry her through these disappointing setbacks. 

If a retaining wall was not the answer, what other options did they have? One of the team members looked into purchasing a new piece of land for her that would cost almost the same amount as the retaining wall. They negotiated the purchase to help bring the cost down. Through your contributions, we were able to provide the additional funding to purchase the new piece of land.  

The construction process endured many obstacles and proved to be quite lengthy. Vilme and her family remained faithful as she waited for the home to be completed. We happily report that Vilme Sylane’s new home was completed just as we entered January 2022.  

We would like to send a special thank you to our friends in Texas who generously provided funding for this home.

A note to our supporters:

If you’ve been to Home Depot lately, you’ve noticed that the prices of basic items like lumber have increased significantly. As our economy struggles with the effects of economic inflation, Haiti and the rural communities that we serve are also affected.  Building supply prices there have skyrocketed, and materials are not filtering into the local markets regularly.  We are now estimating that the cost to build a single family home there has risen from $8,000 to $10,000. 

While these are significant challenges faced by our ministry and our partners in Haiti, we know that God will help provide a way forward for us. Please pray with us that this economic inflation will end, and ask that God would move in the hearts of those who might be willing to help us close this financial gap. We serve a powerful God, and we thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Vilme Sylane’s home is completed

Vilme was overcome with joy and gratitude when our local liaison, Enel, and the construction foreman, Kendy, presented her with the keys to her brand new house. When asked how she was feeling, she said, “I don’t have the words to share my happiness for the special gift I am receiving. I was living the worst life, and my blessings began the day I met Pastor Yves and then Pastor Blake. Through my gift, everyone can see the presence of the living God. No one, including myself, would ever believe that I would have my own house. When I prayed, I never said to God that I have big problems; I told my problems that I have a big God who created the entire world. My heart loves you all and may your blessings in life be abundant.”

Her finished home has sturdy walls, a dry floor, and most importantly, a sound roof that can withstand Haiti’s harshest weather. Behind the home is a private latrine and shower area – a rare luxury in rural Haiti. It is truly a blessing that Vilme and her family can begin this new chapter of their lives in a safe home free of their old worries.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support in our efforts to help others like Vilme!

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