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This week’s newsletter is courtesy of our friend Mia, who accompanied us on our recent trip to Haiti.

On a hot, sunny afternoon in Haiti, Big Tree fell down. This tree was once the site where voodoo was practiced and darkness was perpetuated. But at 4 p.m. on a clear, calm day with no storms and no rain, this very large, very healthy tree came crashing down. No other tree lost a leaf – but this tree that once served to glorify darkness now sits in pieces, conquered.

A couple months before Big Tree fell, the most prominent voodoo priest in the local community gave his life to Jesus. This man had spent his whole life promoting darkness, and he died a couple weeks after the tree fell. But in his last few days on this side of heaven, he saw the darkness defeated.

When I heard this story, I couldn’t help but think about the temple veil tearing in two from the top down as Jesus gave up His spirit on Good Friday. God wants us to be close to Him – so much so that He destroys things that keep us from Him, from the top down.

The light always wins. Like the veil that separated us from God, like this tree whose roots were planted in despair, all darkness will be overcome. God makes all things new and holy. A lifetime devoted to darkness could not win. And when we give our lives to Jesus, He destroys things that keep us away from Him.

As shocked as I was to hear that the largest, healthiest tree I’d ever seen had suddenly fallen down, I don’t think I’m surprised anymore. Of course nothing, not even a giant tree, can stand against the goodness and power of God. Of course the veil tore from the top down. The power is coming from Heaven, and all buckles under the weight of this glory.

I ask God to tear every veil, every tree, everything in my life that disrupts my proximity to Him. Destroy it all – an entire life’s work, a tree as old as time, a symbol of the temple. Ruin it all, God, as it doesn’t serve you. As I look upon the remains of Big Tree, I can only utter one word: glory.

A Note from Blake
I invite all of our Denver-area supporters to join me and Marci this Sunday, April 11th, at Journey Church as I will be preaching. Service times are 8a.m., 9:30a.m., and 11a.m. For more info to go

Mia McLaughlin

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