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The sun rises and wakes 20 year old Michelet who sleeps in a tent set up behind his mother’s humble house. Though Michelet could be on his own at this point, he feels the weight of responsibility to care for his
mother and seven siblings. He gets dressed and begins the morning routine of collecting water and wood for the family.

Michelet not only cares deeply for his family, he also cares deeply about his community by contributing to many Hope Rising Projects.

In June we asked him to join 15 other up-and-coming young adults from All God’s Children Orphanage on a retreat. During the retreat students shared their dreams and prayer requests. Michelet shared his dream of completing school so that he can find a good job and help provide for his mother and brothers and sisters.

Michelet, along with the other students from the orphanage are Haiti’s future leaders. Hope Rising is not only providing houses, water wells, and church buildings, but also investing in people, that they may grow up equipped with skills and the Gospel message to bring hope and change to their country.

2015 Highlights

February – a men’s work team traveled to Fedja to replace the unsafe and rotting roof on the deaf children’s dormitory.

March – Hope Rising worked with Haitian contractors to build a new church building for the Christian Church in Grosse Roche to replace their previous shelter of sticks and metal.

April – a small work team traveled to Grosse Roche to build church benches and dedicate the new church.

May – Hope Rising worked with Haitian contractors to drill water wells at churches in Grosse Roche and Malary.

June – a team of 21 Americans traveled to Fedja to install fans and vents in the main orphanage building and make roof repairs to mitigate leaking.

June – Hope Rising partnered with local Global Vision Citadelle Ministries ( to take 16 young adult leaders from the orphanage on a prayer and fellowship retreat.

July – Hope Rising helped fund school tuition for 15 students and fund college tuition for 3 young leaders.

August – A vision trip solidified plans to build a new church in Sapaterre, made possible through an American church partnership; construction set to begin August 2016.

We are looking for more people to join our team in 2016!

Travel with us! If you or your church are interested in joining us for a project in Haiti email

Join our financial support team! Be a part of bringing the hope of the Gospel to Haiti. To donate monthly or give a one time gift visit

The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without partners like you. We feel blessed to be a part of such a vital and life-giving ministry. Thank you for your support through your prayers and financial gifts.


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