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As progress continues on the new Fedja church, we are happy to share some great news. If you recall, we made several attempts to drill a new water well for the All God’s Children Orphanage near Mirebalais. Our partners at GVCM shared our disappointment when the drilling company finally called off the operation because their equipment was not capable of drilling deep enough to tap into the water source below.

Discouraged, But Not Defeated

Despite the setback, our partners did not give up. There are not very many drilling companies operating in Haiti, and even fewer are willing to come to Mirebalais. But God led our friends to a new drilling team and hope was soon restored.

We are happy to share with you that the new well at Fedja church is now complete! The well pump and platform will be added very soon.

We hope to partner with this same company very soon to fulfill our dream of providing 24-hour access to water at the orphanage. We’ll share more progress as we receive news from our partners.

Hope is rising in Haiti!

Thank You and God Bless,

Blake & Marci Lamunyon
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