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Rosette is a widowed mother of nine children. Since the passing of her husband she has taken numerous jobs, such as laundry and agricultural work to try and provide for her family. Each night she returns to a small house composed of boards, sticks, cardboard and even a bed sheet for one of the main walls. Below are a few photos.


Rosette’s priority is to take care of her children but has been burdened by the instability of her home and it’s leaky roof providing little reprieve and safety during the rainy season.

I keep praying that God will make a miracle happen for my family.” Rosette told us.

God is the Great Provider and the worker of miracles. We started construction on Rosette’s new home and soon it will be move in ready.

sturdy wall.png

new home.png

This new home, built with sturdy cinderblock and concrete, only costs $6,500 USD to construct. We are so thankful for the generous gifts of our supporters that allows us to move forward and build these homes for Haitian families, like Rosette’s.



Blake LaMunyon

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