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It’s so fun and special to see visiting team members bond with the children and young adults at GVCM (Global Vision Citadel Ministries) School; their laughter bouncing off of concrete walls, forming bonds with a special kind of glue that can’t ever be severed.

Many folks that have joined Hope Rising Haiti for a trip have returned to Haiti for a second, third, fourth or even a fifth time, enabling them to reconnect with those children who already occupied a special spot in their hearts. Their sweet faces welcome you instantly with their expressions; their tiny frames tuck themselves under your arm in a hug before they even know your name. The shy ones bloom into their personalities with every passing day.

Relationship building is at the heart of our ministry and our hope for the future. 

Here are some of the names and faces of these children and young adults who we serve, love, and give us a reason to bring hope to Haiti.

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Will you join us in prayer? 

It is powerful to know that our tribe of supporters is praying for their spiritual growth, education, health and safety. There is power in praying for each by name, in lifting each heart to God in trust and hope. Thank you!

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