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A little over a month ago, we let you know about a very real need. Read about this vital need here in our June blog.

We let you know that our ministry partner in Haiti, Global Vision Citadelle Ministries, identified many widows who live on dirt floors with stick walls, and metal scraps. These houses leak, fall over and offer little basic comforts or respect. These houses do not protect the women from danger nor do they offer the dignity and respect courageous ladies deserve.



God Has Provided!

Since that post we have received designated donations totaling $13,000 exactly enough to build two houses. Praise God!

We recently sent money to Haiti to begin one of those homes and plans are underway as we working with our ministry partner, They identify the widows and her families and as we get more information we will share.



And there are still many more ladies on the list who need adequate housing for themselves as they try to care for their families. So please don’t stop praying, sharing, commenting liking and giving.



Blake LaMunyon

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