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I first met Noel over 11 years ago. He has been helping out at the GVCM All God’s Children Orphanage ever since. They try to pay him what they can, but it’s not enough to provide a good home for his large family. Noel is a quiet servant. Because of the family’s economic challenges 2 of their children (Babie and Rosaldo) live at the orphanage – but they see their dad throughout the week and their mom, Delva, comes and visits regularly.


Over the years, different Haitian friends havewanted to make sure I knew about Noel’s situation. Our Haitian friends have such love and respect for Noel. My own experience in Haiti has sadly reminded me of the lack of good men and fathers, but Noel is a godly man, a good husband, and a loving father.



It’s an honor to know Noel and his family and it is a privilege for Hope Rising to have the resources to provide a better home for Noel and his family. No more dirt floors or tiny, crowded living spaces. Amazing.

Check out our projects map to see where the Noel family lives.



Thank you for your support of Hope Rising Haiti – you are directly supporting good men like Noel, so he can continue to raise a godly family and impact future generations.



Blake LaMunyon

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