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Our family was honored to be a part of the Dedication Ceremony for the newly constructed Sarazin Church and School building in August. The faithful prayers of Pastor Jethro and his community had been answered.


As we made our way to the church that afternoon, we trudged through ankle-deep mud. All the church members and visitors from nearby, dressed in their Sunday-best, all faced the same issue–mud.

I thought about the mud for a long time and with the help of our Construction Foreman, Theo, we developed a plan to install concrete pathways around the building. Thanks to your generous support, the project is underway.


Even as the construction of the new walkways is in progress – it is already proving to be a blessing to the church.

The next step will be pouring concrete over the stones to complete the pathway. The progress is right on track and we hope to have it completed soon!


Thank you for your continued support of God’s work in Haiti.

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