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Pierre Fresnel, or “Boss Petit” to those who know him, is a faithful man who prays every day that God will help him build a safe home for his family. His role as a driver and mechanic for GVCM has enabled him to set aside a little money to begin building a home of his own. He has worked digging the foundation, laying blocks and plastering the walls of his modest four room home. He has made progress, but still has a long way to go. Boss Petit’s wife passed away a number of years ago, and awesome kids currently work at the GVCM Orphanage. Sendie is 12 years old and Fritzner is 15 years old.


Boss Petit recently told Enel,

“I know how difficult everything is now, but I am asking for this help because I don’t have any other option at this moment.”

Because of your support, we were able to provide the funds needed to complete his home. God is using Hope Rising Haiti to serve Boss Petit and his family. We are humble to play a small part in his story.




Thank you for your generous support, which helps us impact the lives of our Haitian friends like Boss Petit and his family.

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