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What would you do if you had over 150 hungry children to feed? Peanut butter! With high protein, fiber and healthy fat content, peanut butter is an excellent local food source in Haiti. Peanut butter is expensive to import and purchase in Haiti.


Haiti’s climate is warm and humid, which means it’s conducive to growing peanuts. Our partners at GVCM have land dedicated to growing self-sustaining crops, and peanuts have been a welcome addition.


Once the peanuts are harvested, the shells are removed, and the fun begins. The process of grinding the peanuts begins by loading the machine and grinding for one minute. Sugar, salt and a few spices are added, and the grinding continues in one-minute intervals.  When the mixture becomes loose and oil rises to the top of the mixture, the peanut butter is complete.


Similar to the way we eat peanut butter, people in Haiti spread it on loaves of bread. The kids are excited to have peanut butter on the menu!

Psalm 128:2 reminds us of the joy we can receive from the work of our hands: “You will eat the fruit of your labor: blessings and prosperity will be yours.” It’s a blessing to be able to help our friends in Haiti, but it’s an even greater blessing to help them witness the sustainable ways they are growing food at the GVCM farm.

Please pray that the crops would continue to sustain our friends in Haiti. 

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