Students Seeing How Hope Works in Dunal's Life

Recently several students from Valor Christian High School came with us on a work trip to Haiti. It was an incredible time for the students as they learned about the Haitian people we serve and the daily struggle to survive. This had an impact on the students and we praise God for the work he is doing in Haiti because of Hope Rising Haiti.


While we were there we painted Dunal’s new home dedicated his house and prayed for his family. We also purchased two mattresses and two chairs for he and his family in their new home.


No more dirt floor for meals!

The boys are eating in new chairs, on new concrete floor.

The students displayed Christ’s love for the Haitian people and grew in their own walks with Christ. They did their best to serve as Christ served and used every opportunity to seek the good of our Haitian friends.

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Andy Hlushak