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How You Can Help the People of Haiti

By October 9, 2016No Comments

Hurricane Matthew left a devastating mark on the island of Haiti, flooding villages, destroying homes and livestock and killing more than 800 people.

We received word that Pastor Moclaire of the satellite island of Île-à-Vache just south of Les Cayes is alive. Though Pastor Yves has not spoken to him personally we have reports that his church has been destroyed:

“The church in Île-à-Vache is no more. The roof was blown into the ocean and the walls could not sustain the blows. All that is there is the old placement. We are trying to put together a temporary emergency alternative to help the church function until we are blessed with the possibility of a new church.”


Pastor Yves also spoke to us about the widespread devastation and heartbreak his people are going through:

“The south is in shamble[s] as the areas of Les Cayes and Jeremie sustained unspeakable devastations. Trees are uprooted, animals are lost, farms are destroyed, many homes are gone, human lives lost, etc. Rivers have caused floods all over and bridges are destroyed cutting off the south from the rest of the country. No one at this point can give a clear assessment about the loss.”


Many are asking how they can help the people of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. At Hope Rising Haiti we have already committed to helping Pastor Moclaire and the community of Île-à-Vache by pledging to rebuild their church and work with them towards finding a clean water solution.

Clean drinking water critical for the people of the island and is necessary to build permanent, sturdy, and safe structures like homes and a new church. A new church will provide a place of worship and a center of service for the island community. The people of Île-à-Vache are displaced and need a place to come and hear the message of hope.

How You Can Help


To find a clean drinking water solution and church we estimate it will require $45,000. Gifts of all sizes are needed to reach this goal in aiding this broken community. To give financially, please click the GIVE button above, after entering your information, and then select “Île-à-Vache.”



We are also looking for people and churches that would like to partner with Hope Rising Haiti and travel with us to be a part of construction. There is no timeline yet but as the funding comes in for these projects we will have a better estimation of when this will begin. If you, your church, or school group is interested in a trip to serve the people of Haiti, please contact Blake.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership to help the people of Haiti know that in Christ they have hope.

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