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Hurricane Matthew Update & Prayer Requests

By October 5, 2016No Comments

Hurricane Matthew made landfall to Haiti this morning around 7am EST. We were able to connect with Pastor Yves who reported that they sustained heavy rainfall, but that so far the churches in the Central Plateau are doing ok. However, Pastor Yves has not been able to contact Pastor Montclair at his church located on the satellite island, Ile a Vache, since 11pm last night. At the time of last contact, Pastor Montclair reported ocean waves reaching the door of the church, a building already unsuitable for such forceful weather. We do know that the towns of Les Cayes and Jeremie north of the small island are under water.

Please pray for protection and the necessary aid for Pastor Montclair and the people of his church on the island of Ile a Vache and for the rest of this country.

Pastor Yves does not yet know the level of destruction of this hurricane, but the Weather Channel has already indicated the impact is catastrophic.

Pastor Yves is very grateful for the prayers from the friends and partners in the United States and Hope Rising Haiti. Thank you for praying and for asking for updates; it has given Pastor Yves and his community great encouragement and hope during this time.

We will send updates as we hear more from Pastor Yves and what they may need after the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

To read more about the impacts of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti, please visit

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