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Thank you for praying for Jerry, Flancia, Bernardo and Aronda last month. View last month’s newsletter here.

Hope Rising Haiti is extending another opportunity for you to pray on behalf of more children. It’s an incredible experience to look into the eyes of these children and let them know that folks around the world are praying for them by name, to tell them that dads and moms and families have seen a photo of them and are praying their exact prayer requests. I wish you could see the smiles, the impact of just letting them know others care deeply for them, enough to pray for them by name.

When you pray for our kids, you are opening a door to heaven on their behalf, and it makes a difference. Children and teens like Miriam (below) are given vital encouragement knowing that God their Father is hearing from you on their behalf.

Try this with your family:

Print off these pictures and hang them on your fridge. When you pray before a meal, encourage your kids to select a child to pray for; have them read the requests and pray for them as you thank God for your meal.

Not only are you praying for God to work in specific lives of Haitian youth, but you are teaching your children to ask God to work in the Nations, and helping them participate in the Gospel bearing fruit and advancing all over the world (Colossians 1:6).

Relationship building is at the heart of our ministry and our hope for the future.

Here are some of the names and faces of these children and young adults who we serve, love, and give us a reason to bring hope to Haiti.

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