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You may have heard about the violence protests that happened over the weekend in Haiti. The violent disputes erupted after the Haitian government announced plans to raise fuel prices to help balance the Haitian government’s budget. The protests shut down roads and transportation which caused a significant lack of food, water and heath care – many have not even been able to work. The airport was soon closed and many American mission teams have not been able to travel in, or out of the country.

In response to the riots the Haitian government has suspended the plan to raise fuel prices and some roads have been reopened. However communication has still been limited. The situation is improving some, and we have been able to hear from many of our friends in Haiti – they are simply asking for your prayers.

The path forward remains unclear and tense, but it seems to be recovering compared to the past weekend. Please continue to pray for Haiti. Thank you.


Blake LaMunyon

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