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Jesus said, “. . . I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Matthew 25:36b

In February our team of 16 packed snacks, water bottles and Bibles, and walked into the prison in Mirebalais not knowing what to expect but, ready to give hope and serve those incarcerated.


We joined up with Haitian pastors and some of the teenage boys from All God’s Children’s Orphanage and visited the 349 prisoners. The majority of these men (324), were confined to six 12’ x 20’ cells with concrete floors and walls. Packed into one of those cells were 84 men. It’s hard to imagine how they could even lay down to sleep with so many people crammed into such a small space. 

During our time we handed out Bibles, knowing that when they read God’s living and active Word, it would provide hope and truth to these men.

A 1997 photo of a Thomassique pastor training



A Miracle of Hardship Turned to Salvation for Hundreds

One of the Haitian pastors with us, Pastor Diderot shared how he spent seven years trapped in a Haitian prison after being falsely accused. In those seven long hard years, Pastor Diderot led over 400 men to salvation in Christ and baptized them all! God took his persecution and turned it into a miracle of furthering the Kingdom of God in a tremendous way!

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A Great Need for Six Young Boys

Our visit to the prison was heartbreaking in many ways but the most difficult part was seeing ten young boys behind bars. The youngest of the boys was 12 years old. When we asked if we could pray with them they got down on their knees with their faces on the ground so we could pray over them. It was amazing to witness their genuine faith in the midst of their incredibly difficult circumstances. 

We have taken steps to help them be released, but all of these boys are still in prison at this time.

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Please join us in praying:

  • For the faith of these young boys to grow and for their freedom to come quickly.
  • That the men in prison would read the donated Bibles and understand God’s love for them and give their lives to Christ.
  • That God would use the men who turn to Christ to share the Good News with cell mates and make an eternal impact like Pastor Diderot.

Blake LaMunyon
Founder & Director

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