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Several years ago we were invited to visit a community of people living in a very remote part of Haiti called Calbassier. These people lived so far off the beaten path that even our native Haitian friends did not know how to find them. On the way there, a man from the community walked many miles to a main road to wave us down and help us find our way. He got into our truck and helped us navigate our way through a field for many miles until we came upon a group of Haitian friends gathered at the community church, eagerly awaiting our visit. The adults welcomed us warmly, while some of the children hid (they don’t get many visitors – especially such light-skinned ones).



The people in Calbassier gave us a tour of their humble church made of sticks and a dirt floor. They showed us their small crops that were growing and their new baby goats. They then took us on a long walk down to a creek and pulled back a rock to reveal a water spring. This small spring provided water for the whole community several months of the year.



Fast forward several years, today that one spring has dried up. The desperation for clean water has intensified, but thankfully, due to the generosity of Hope Rising donors, God has provided a new water well for the people of Calbassier!


We received this message from Pastor Yves about the new water well, “It is like heaven came down for the people who are enjoying the blessing of the well.” Many thanks to all of you who have provided the miracle of water to meet the critical needs of our friends in Calbassier.

Stay tuned for more photos in the coming weeks.



Blake LaMunyon

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