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Hope Rising emphasizes partnerships in the U.S. with on-site ministries in Haiti. Our heart to do ministry this way comes in large part from seeing the huge impact (both long term and immediate) that this has on individuals and their communities. One such NEW partnership is with Enel and the projects committee at GVCM. We are committed to long term partnership with GVCM, but this new committee with Enel at the helm is exciting.


Enel grew up in Port A Prince where he studied to be an electrician but also excelled at English. Enel has four wonderful children and his mother in his life (pictured below). Eventually his passion for language lead him to work as an interpreter with the medical teams at Global Citadelle Vision Ministries (



Tragically, Enel was involved in an accident in the fall of last year that nearly left him paralyzed. He was told he might not walk again, but praise God in January of 2019 after months of prayer and medical work at GVCM Enel posted this, “It’s visible everyone and all can see that I am able to walk now. It’s a miracle to my life and God has done it with your help. I can’t reward you for your help, but God can and he will. I just want you to know I love you and thank you for helping me to stand again.”

In 2016 Pastor Yves introduced us to Enel saying that “he is known to be an honest person and one that loves the Lord.” We are excited to partner with Enel as our paid on-site Project Liaison. He will be coordinating with us directly on a regular basis as he travels around Haiti providing pictures, updates and with the committee team compiling reports on current projects and future needs.

The Projects Committee (Junior is not pictured) from left to right: Wilfrid, Jude, Macala, Enel.

The Projects Committee (Junior is not pictured) from left to right: Wilfrid, Jude, Macala, Enel.

We are excited to be partnering with Enel and the projects committee. He told us the other day that the little remaining pain from his accident does not make him sad, but is a hopeful reminder that God is working in his life. Enel is passionate about helping Hope Rising to identify and meet the needs of his countrymen. A few weeks ago he spent several days with Mia delivering mattresses all over Haiti and he couldn’t say enough about how much of a blessing it is to be a part of real change happening in the lives of so many Haitians.

As we continue in our work to serve one another in love, please remember GVCM, the new projects committee, as well as Enel and his mother in your prayers – his mother is suffering from a chest infection. Enel also asked for wisdom to serve and continued health for himself and his children.

Your partnership in giving allows us to work with Enel and continue to spread the word not only about the great need there is in Haiti, but about how God is using us to see these needs met with his love and provision.



Blake LaMunyon

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