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Hopefully, this Christmas you will get together with family and give gifts of love and share joy with others. One of the most impactful things we do here in Haiti is facilitate building new homes built for needy widows.

Jesus came into the world to provide hope to a needy people – us. We are all the needy people of the world. When we consider the blessings we have at Christmas, may we also consider the blessing we can be to others. We ask you to remember and pray for these widows amidst the hustle and bustle this season.


Widows in Haiti are praying for shelter.

The economic situation in the remote areas of Haiti leaves most families with small, broken homes. Many homes have large sticks acting as posts in the four corners with fabric, cardboard or scraps of wood to form the “walls.” Palm leaves and scraps of metal often comprise the roof. Storms and high winds during the rainy season pose a real threat that can decimate homes in seconds.


Our widows are praying for help.

The life our friends endure is not the life they want for their children. Many are believers and thank Him for the blessings they have as they teach the same to their children. They are also praying for real, tangible change in their lifetime that will amount to a better future for their children. We are praying with them that God will answer their prayers.

Our friends in Haiti will be celebrating Christmas, much like we do, praise the Lord. While they are humbly thankful for their provisions, we want to see them lifted up out of poverty.

We are thankful for you, our partners in the mission, thankful for your prayers, for you spreading the message of hope and for your financial donations. Through the generous donations of our supporters, Hope Rising Haiti has provided many homes to our friends in Haiti. There are thousands of families who need our help and we wish we could help them all, but we have faith that one day all of our needs will be met with peace and comfort.

Hope Rising Haiti wishes all of you Joy and Peace this season.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Hope Rising Haiti!



Blake LaMunyon

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