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Deep in the heart of Haiti lies the church and school of Sarazin – a vibrant community of faithful believers. These believers live by the sweat of their brow and the faith of their hearts.




As bright as their celebrations and worship services are, this community has never had a safe and secure facility, not for their church or school. This 450 member church continues to grow while their structure remains the same. Yet, Pastor Gethro is hopeful.


We are praying, with Pastor Gethro and his people, for a new, safe and sizable facility worthy of the passion and grace of this incredible community. The construction is estimated at $140,000 ($50,000 for the school and $90,000 for the church). May the Lord move in your heart to help us with this great mission. We know God will help us provide for the needs of this community. Please consider giving to this much needed project.




Our Haitian engineer sent the above drawing of what this new building will look like. There will be four classrooms and one office for the staff on the second floor.

The school will help the community provide a good education and future for their children. The church will provide enough space for many more to gather for worship and prayer. Please consider how you could be a part of this incredible story of hope and change. Thank you and may you be blessed this Christmas season.

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Blake LaMunyon

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