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Some of you who have traveled with us to Haiti over the years know our friend Son (Mickeldon). He is someone we rely on when we go to the local market, or when we have visited the prison. Son is a hard-worker and someone we count on when we are building church benches or when we are involved in other service projects.


Son has a 2-year-old little boy. Son and his wife were not formally married in the church, but had a ceremony that was officiated by a voodoo priest. As they have given their lives to the Lord they have regretted this decision and have longed to be married in a Christian ceremony. This has not been possible for them due to their lack of resources.

I’ve talked to Son about the importance of the covenant of Christian marriage. I’m excited to report that on July 6, 2019 Micheldon (Son) Lubin and Nadege Noel were formally and officially married at the Christian Church in Fedja, by our friend Pastor Yves Prophete. We rejoice with Micheldon and Nadege for making this commitment Christ and to each other. It is our honor to play a small part in sponsoring their wedding by buying clothes, transportation and food for the reception.





Thanks for your support of Hope Rising Haiti that allow us to play a small, but important part of help to build the foundation for Christian marriage in Haiti and hopefully continue to impact the next generation for Jesus Christ.



Blake LaMunyon

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