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You may have heard about the violent protests happening in Haiti over the last six weeks. The violence erupted after many Haitians repeated calls for the current President to resign. This President has allegedly been linked to numerous corrupt activities and the people of Haiti are in an uproar.

The riots in the streets of Port Au Prince have ended in at least 18 deaths and have paralyzed the economy. While the majority of these protests are not happening in areas that we generally have friends, it is still causing trouble for our friends and we are on our knees in prayer.



Photos from: are thankful to serve our Haitian friends by providing hope and a future. Thank you for partnering with us in this life changing work.

The protests shut down roads which causes a major lack of food, water and access to health care. Many Haitians are unable to work or attend school. All American mission teams have even been advised by the State Department not to travel to Haiti at this time. The impact of this turmoil is felt even deeper in some of Haiti’s remote areas because while they are not directly involved in the upheaval, they are disastrously affected.

ABD reports, “The demonstrations have shuttered businesses, prevented 2 million children from going to school and led to the deaths of some 20 people and roughly 200 injuries.”

We have been able to hear from many of our friends in Haiti and they are simply asking for our prayers. They are seeking to trust the Lord and have much hope for the future of their country, as do we.

As the path forward remains unclear and tense, please continue to pray for Haiti and our incredible friends there. Thank you.



Blake LaMunyon

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