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This week’s newsletter comes directly from a text we received from our friend Withjean, the superintendent of the GVCM School of Thomassique. The remote town of Thomassique is a special place to us. Our first project was in 2007 and since then we have built countless numbers of relationships with our friends there.



This particular school is in the very heart of the city of Thomassique and the people there are very proud to enroll their children each year. They feel that the school is a reflection of the good in the community and speaks of hope for their future.

Because of God’s blessing upon the school, growth has come fast. Even though the political unrest we wrote about last week has curtailed the number of students and faculty down to about 1,319 those attending still do not have enough space.

The growing number of kindergarten children means that they had to divide the class into two, but similarly with the school in Sarazin, they do not have enough resources to pay the staff. The school has 10 classrooms where they should have at least 14.


With the faithfulness of the leadership of Thomassique, we know that God will provide for them. But, the most pressing need right now is funding for new classrooms and more teachers in Thomassique.

This is a vital need and a critical time for the students and staff of Thomassique. There are so many students that it will be easy to fill the space of the new classrooms.

We have a plan in motion to meet the needs in Thomassique and need help to reach our goal of $18,000 to aid these precious people.

Will you pray about contributing to the needs of our friends in Thomassique?

Your donations to the new classrooms in Thomassique will go DIRECTLY to the needs in Haiti. There is no overhead, no administration fees are taken out of your generous gift.

If you’re interested in more about what’s going on in Thomassique there are two more stories below.



Blake LaMunyon

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