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In January, we lead a team of five men down to Haiti. They invested their time and energy to work along side of our Haitian friends to build 80 new benches for the newly completed churches in both LaSave and Colora. Even though the new church at LaSave has been completed for a few months – the people have had no place to sit to worship and learn from the Bible.

Each of the icons represents a project that was completed with exact latitude and longitude and project photos.

This project shows the original church (on the left) as well as after the hurricane (right).

Kid’s from All God’s Children Orphanage help carry and stack on cutting day and together we completed 40 benches for each church.

As well as the new church that was built for these wonderful believers.

This small investment of time and resources is a huge blessing to these churches. It is a joy to know that our brothers and sisters will be able to sit in church and worship and learn about Christ together. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in Haiti as we serve one another in love.

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Thanks for your generous support of what God is doing in Haiti through Hope Rising!

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