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Watching Easter Sunday services on the computer was certainty different. But, like you, our family was thankful to be able to continue to worship and learn, even though we could not meet together for church services. However, the same was not true for nearly all of our friends in Haiti. Most churches are closed to prevent the spread of the virus. A few churches in Haiti have continued to meet, while implementing basic mitigation practices.



Our friends in Thomassique provided water (with some bleach) to wash hands, before entering their service. And they practiced social distancing, as much as possible, during the service. People who were unable to attend a church service relied on the radio station to worship and hear the great news of Jesus’ resurrection.

The world has also changed for one of our close friends in Haiti. This Easter brought deep sadness to our friend, Wilfrid. His loving mother, Dieuna Bien-Aime passed away last week. She went to New Jersey to support a cousin who had recently had a baby. Dieuna fell victim to the COVID-19 virus. Our hearts are broken. Please, keep Wilfrid and his family in your prayers.


Wilfrid is an amazing man with a huge heart. He loved his mother so fervently, as many of you know, we recently helped Wilfrid build a safe home for her, in Haiti.

In the midst of his loss and heart-break, Wilfrid has also remained concerned for many of the widows and extremely poor families in the community around the orphanage. You might remember that last year, during the civil unrest in Haiti, we partnered with GVCM to fill 40 bags with Haitian Bibles, song books, food and other necessities. Some of those who received these bags have joined the Church at Big Tree. Read more about this story here.

Wilfrid and our field liaison, Enel, reached out to us, last week, with this formal request. “Because of the situation the world is facing these last days, we want to support the people living in the community of Big Tree both physically and spiritually. Spiritually, we know that God is the only one to wipe away the sadness and heal all of the illness. Because of that, we keep them in our prayers. Physically, we would like to support them with every day necessitates like soap, bleach, buckets, barrels, and medical alcohol as well as food items such as rice, oils, herbs, and beans. We appreciate you and hope you can help us support the vulnerable.”

Yes, our lives have changed in the U.S., but we can still go to the store and get what we need. Most of the extremely poor families in the Big Tree community have great need. Wilfrid and Enel, have identified stores that still have these critical supplies in stock. Would you please consider a donation to help Wilfrid and Enel care for those who are struggling?

Most of all, we are very thankful for your prayers and we thank God we get to serve our friends in Haiti, together with you. Stay safe and healthy as you stay at home with your family!



From our family to yours,
Blake, Marci, Jace, Taylor, Emie, Tyler, Kade & Mason

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