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Claudette Lubin is a busy mother raising her eight children in what they called their “little broken house.” Claudette’s old home caused lots of stress for the family during the rainy season because the roof leaked and the wind blew hard, threatening the rickety structure. While her husband seeks work as a farmer, he is unable to change their house situation. Claudette has been praying for God to send hope to her family. We shared more of this story from Mia’s perspective here.



We are blessed to be a part of answering Claudette’s prayers. The construction for Claudette’s new home began last fall, was completed in November read more here, and the new latrine has just been finished. Claudette has a new home! A home sturdy enough to handle the conditions the rainy season brings; a home with the dignity and modesty the new latrine provides.


Our liaison Enel spoke with Claudette about her new home and she said,

“I am so excited and very proud of my house. I don’t have enough words to explain it. I am proud of my God. He gave me another chance at life. It is a very big blessing from my God in the sky and a gift from my brothers and sisters at Hope Rising Haiti and my Pastor and my church. I spent a long time living in a place that didn’t have a latrine, didn’t have a good house. I lived in a little broken house. Now, it is very meaningful for me to have this very beautiful house. There are no words to explain it-the gratitude I feel in my heart and the love I feel for you. I love you and thank you so much for your help.”


Thank you to each Hope Rising donor for playing a part in blessing Claudette and her family.



Blake LaMunyon

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