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We could not complete our work in Haiti without the help of our local friends who help us coordinate projects and minister to the Haitian people. Global Vision Citadelle Ministries, GVCM ( is our local partner; this partnership has allowed us the privilege of meeting many amazing people. 


Mia is an incredible young woman from Colorado. Mia has traveled to Haiti with Hope Rising many times and she recently wrote about her experience with at least two men who play a vital role in Haiti, through GVCM and Hope Rising. We want to share Mia’s thoughts with you.

If you have ever been to GVCM, there is a good chance you’ve seen Wilfrid and Jude running around somewhere. Or maybe you actually haven’t. They tend to be pretty elusive. They very rarely have time to stop to say anything more than “Hello” and I honestly cannot say that I have ever seen them eat a meal sitting down. These men carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Jude is the Administrator/Manager at GVCM and Wilfrid is the Assistant Manager. They work together closely and it’s a good thing they get along so well. These two are childhood friends. They grew up together, went to college (primary and secondary school) together, then both went into interpretation school in Port-au-Prince. “People often think we are brothers. At this point, we basically are family,” Jude said of his relationship with Wilfrid. Most importantly, Wilfrid and Jude are both great men of God. They seek Him and rely on the grace of Jesus. All would agree, GVCM would not run smoothly without the brotherly team of Wilfrid and Jude.
— Mia

Amen, Mia! It has been a joy to do ministry together with the GVCM team. I first met Wilfrid and Jude in April 2007, when I traveled to Haiti to teach a pastor’s conference, and my good friend Pastor Bryan Smith taught a basketball clinic at the brand new GVCM, All God’s Children Orphanage. We hired Wilfrid and Jude to be interpreters at the basketball camp. It was their first trip to the orphanage – and they never left. What started as interpreters at a basketball camp, has been a blessing for many hundreds of Haitian children and thousands of American team members who have visited GVCM over the years. It has been an honor to partner with Wilfrid and Jude over the past 13 years.


Wilfrid has been attending University studying Agriculture and getting an online Bible degree, and he is farming a six-acre plot of land. With the support of Hope Rising Haiti, Wilfrid recently completed a house for his mom and new bride, Beatrice. (Read More Here) Wilfrid is kind and has a big heart; he has been a faithful servant of Christ and God’s blessings are evident. Beatrice and Wilfrid recently welcomed their first daughter, Aquila.



Jude is studying Management and Administration at University. His studies have had many benefits in all parts of his life. He has become a better Manager at GVCM. Jude does everything with a joyful attitude because he cares so much about the kids at the orphanage. He wants to see them succeed and to see them grow up knowing Jesus as their Savior. Hope Rising Haiti helped Jude complete his home and we are thrilled about his recent marriage to Maudeline. Jude remains busy and is staying faithful to what the Lord has put in his heart.


Wilfrid and Jude have been a great blessing to GVCM and to Hope Rising Haiti. We are honored to play a small role in helping them attend University and start their new families. We are grateful for their work with GVCM and with Hope Rising. They have bright futures ahead of them and we can’t wait to see all the great things God will do in their lives, through GVCM, and Hope Rising.



Blake LaMunyon

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