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In October, we wrote about the need to add more classrooms to the school in Thomassique. Newsletter from Oct 26, 2019 Thank you to those who have been praying and to everyone who has already supported this endeavor.

Families in Thomassique know that this school is providing hope for a better future for their children and their community. This school has been so successful, that it is outgrowing its current building situations.



The original plan was to include four new classrooms on the Thomassique School land. The plan was estimated to cost $18,000.



Our friend, Withjean, who is the Superintendent at the Thomassique school, developed a plan to accommodate even more children at the school. The plan is to maximize as much space as possible due to the limited amount of land owned by the school.



They are already building a two story building with four classrooms on the upper floor and four classrooms on the lower level. Eight new classrooms! These classrooms will be even larger than the previous classrooms! Many more children will benefit from attending school here. These new classrooms will help the school to continue to grow! The construction cost is $28,000.

The families prayers in this community are being answered. Hope Rising Haiti’s generous community of supporters has already provided the funding for the new classrooms in Thomassique. 

The construction process is underway and is expected to be completed by March of 2020 and we’ll be eager to share the progress.



Blake LaMunyon

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