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The All God’s Children Orphanage that is located just outside of Mirebalais. This orphanage has been growing since it was started. The orphanage is now home to more than 150 children. If you recall from a previous newsletter, April 12, 2018 there are two bathrooms in the main building. The facilities there are overused and inadequate especially for teenage girls. While we have been addressing this issue, finding a reliable solution has been tricky.


After working with our Haitian contacts and consulting with a local plumber, here in Colorado, we have finally found a reliable solution. We have built a large water tower and a pump house which will be powered by solar panels to provide water pressure for a functional bathroom and shower facility. The solar panels are a more sustainable power source for the pump house and will work even when power is out (which happens very often). Once completed, these bathrooms will have five flushing toilets, two urinals and ten private shower stalls.



Please continue to pray for this project and our team who will be traveling to Haiti soon to complete it. We are hopeful that this bathroom remodel will positively impact the daily lives of the children and staff at All God’s Orphanage. Let me know if you want to come with us in 3 weeks!



Blake LaMunyon

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