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Our Haitian friends in Lalumloguan are surviving even though they lack some basic necessities, necessities we often take for granted. They live without clean water, no school for their children or church where they can worship. They even lack a simple medical clinic. So, why do they remain in their community? Quite simply, they have nowhere else to go.

Lalumloguan is a remote community, accessible only by foot, donkey, or motorcycle. Heavy rains erode the narrow path, making it impossible for the large drilling truck to reach the community. The need for clean water is so great, that the community came together and volunteered their time to move dirt and rocks so that the drilling truck could make the journey. The difficult work was accomplished with hand tools — and in most cases carrying rocks and dirt by hand.

They have remained faithful and have continued to pray for change and it has finally come. We are very excited to share with you that their prayers have been answered.



Our liason in Haiti, Enel, spoke to some of the people in Lalumloguan and had this message to share:

“This well is a very special gift from our King of Kings through you, our dear brothers and sisters.  We promise to keep this well safe and clean.  We thank you so much for this beautiful and important gift you offered our community.  May God keep blessing you and your families!  We want you to know the community of Lalumloguan loves you so much!”

We thank God for answering their prayers!



Blake LaMunyon

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