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Looking Back 2019

  • Enel Thomas joined out team as field director in Haiti

  • Completed new home for Pierre Agnoiles

  • Partnered with others to help complete new home for Brother Jude and his new wife Modlene

  • Kitty Whitley joined our team, as an Admin. Assistant

  • Made repairs to water well in Gross Roche

  • Began building 8 new classrooms in Thomassique

  • Completed new toilet for Pastor Jonas at Big Tree

  • Working to complete orphanage water pump house

  • Drilled new water well in Lalumloguan

  • Dedicated new church building in Passpome

  • Completed new home for Dunal

  • Drilled new water well in Passpome

  • Completed new home for Claudette

  • Completed new school classrooms in Passpome

  • Completed new toilet for Claudette

  • Drilled new water well in Calbassier

  • Work team built 80 new church benches for Passpome

  • Completed new home for Jean Dieulemene

  • Completed orphanage water tower bathroom remodel

  • Completed new toilet for Jean Dieulemene

Looking FORWARD 2020

  • Complete bathroom remodel in February-April at All God’s Children Orphanage with – All money already raised

  • Build 25 homes (with toilets) – Total: $187,500/$7,500 each

  • Drill 12 water wells at churches, so the community comes to the local church for physical water and finds Living Water

    • Sarazin (Pastor Gethro), Cachiman (Pastor Nocker), Belladere (Pastor Yvon), Dondon (Pastor Elie), Terrier Rouge (Pastor Harold), Milot (Pastor Malkly), Colora, (Pastor Remy), Bois Pingomme (Pastor Wilson), Moleon (Pastor Luckner), Marre crabe (Pastor Ilorvil), Malary (Brother Selondieu), Las Lascahobas (Pastor Remy)

    • Total: $120,000/$10,000 each

  • Build 7 church buildings

    • Sarazin (Pastor Gethro), Cachiman (Pastor Nocker), Calbassier (Brother Benes), Dondon (Pastor Elie), Terrier Rouge (Pastor Harold), Malary (Brother Selondieu), Las Lascahobas (Pastor Remy)

    • Total: $385,000/$55,000 each

When Heaven Travels through a Well


Several years ago we were invited to visit a very remote part of Haiti called Calbassier. These people lived so far off the beaten path that even our native Haitian friends did not know how to find them. On the way there, a local man travelled a long distance to help us find our way. He helped us navigate our way through a field for many miles until we came upon a group of Haitian friends gathered at the community church, eagerly awaiting our visit. The adults welcomed us warmly, while some of the children hid – they don’t get many light skinned visitors.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 10.09.33 AM.png

The people in Calbassier gave us a tour of their humble church made of sticks and a dirt floor. They showed us their small crops that were growing and then took us on a long walk down to a creek and pulled back a rock to reveal their spring water. This small spring was the only water source for the entire community.
Fast forward to 2019, we received word that this well had dried up. The need for clean, safe water had intensified. Through the generosity of Hope Rising donors, God has provided a brand new reliable water well. Pastor Yves told us, “It’s like heaven came down for the people who are enjoying the blessing of the new well.” Many thanks to all of you who have provided the miracle of water to meet the critical needs of our friends in Calbassier.

New Projects Map

Updating the Projects Map has allowed us to reflect on the amazing generosity of donors, prayer partners and our trip teams. Looking through the map brings back so many memories of heartbreak but also of joyful smiles. We give thanks to God for bringing some love and hope to our friends in Haiti. All of this motivates us in the mission because there is so much more that we can continue to do, together, in Haiti.

Project Report: Pass Pomme Church Complete!


The roof is on and the benches have been delivered! The school classrooms are complete and the new mezzanine is finished! One unique aspect of the Pass Pomme church is the beauty of the surrounding mountains and landscape. Because of this, we decided to build a mezzanine on the top of the classrooms so that everyone can take in the wonder of God’s creation.

This beautiful mezzanine will be a wonderful place for weddings and a great educational space for the kids. It will also be a thrilling retreat space. Visitors are encouraged to connect with God and pray, while experiencing the awesome mountain views. The new church dedication service went great and the community is excited for all this new building offers. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us in making this project happen. Please continue praying for the church in Pass Pomme.



Humble Pastor Jonas Blessed with New Home


Mia writes: When pastor Jonas first came out from behind some trees, I had no idea he was the pastor. When I realized that this humble pastor was walking side by side with his neighbors while also shepherding them, I had to know more. I was guided to his house, and next to it was a much nicer house, but only half finished. They had run out of money half way through. I prayed about this heavily the next couple weeks.

The more I learned about his family, the more I felt pulled to help. I firmly believe that blessing Pastor Jonas’ family would help him to continue to bless his community. So, I decided to pray for their home to be completed.

Through our generous donors, the home was indeed finished. This beautiful family represents what it means to serve Jesus and we have now added a bathroom to the Jonas “estate!” This working bathroom is the second in their community. These are huge steps towards the self sufficiency and improvement of this Big Tree. Because of your support, people in Big Tree can benefit from Pastor Jonas’ blessings and clearly recognize God’s glory.

A Shining Light at Big Tree Church



Our friend, Wilfrid, has been working hard on a project in a remote area of Haiti referred to as “Big Tree.” During his work there, he observed a community in darkness practicing voodoo. Rather than simply watching, Wilfrid’s faith called him to action. Wilfrid began to share the gift of light by spreading the Word of God and before long, a group with as many as 40 from the area began meeting 4 times a week. A church in Big Tree had formed. But for Wilfrid, this wasn’t enough, he had big plans to help many more.

He reached out to us and we helped him put his plan in motion. His wish was to fill “gift bags” for many of the widows; each bag filled with a Bible, a song book, rice, beans, oil, spices and other basic necessities of life. We recently received this update from Wilfrid: “More blessings are coming. People are receiving clothes, food and mattresses. A mobile clinic is coming. The light of God is shining brightly into the darkness. We have just completed our first campaign in a program called “Feeding the Widows” at Big Tree Church. Hope Rising helped us to feed 40 widows both physically and spiritually. God can do everything. He can take his children from the dirt and clean them and guide them to a perfect place.”

Praising God for a New home


“A miracle came to happen in my life, I don’t have to hide it. It’s a real testimony and everybody sees it.” – Jean Dieulimene. A while ago Jean came down with a debilitating illness that prohibited her from working. This is when she turned to her faith to sustain her. She says, “I lived in a little broken house, but I wanted to build another house where I could live with my family. I was not able to build it on my own, but I stayed confident and hoped that God would make a way.” Now she lives with her family in a new home we were able to build. Praise God for Jean’s faith.

Pierre-old home.png

Answered Prayer for Pierre

One of the most impactful things we love to do is build homes for widows and families in need. Houses in Haiti are routinely held together by nothing more then cardboard, sheet metal and prayer.

Old houses are rebuilt into new homes that are safe and beautiful. Pierre lives in the Mirebalais area of Haiti and she walks an hour each week to worship God with her church family. We are excited for God to have provided Pierre with a new home in April 2019.



Blake LaMunyon

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