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The community of Colora, under the leadership of Pastor Remy Raphael has been gathering for years. Their church had humble beginnings, like this photo shows, but they have always remained faithful.



As the church grew in numbers and in devotion, so did their need for a safe, new church building. In 2017 we were happy to announce that we had received enough funding to get the project started (read about it here).

Through the generosity of our Hope Rising Haiti community, a safe and beautiful new church building complete with new benches was dedicated. The dedication ceremony was held on March 29th, led by Pastor Remy with many of our Hope Rising Haiti friends in attendance. Read about this truly joyful occasion! Less than four months later, disaster struck! The entire roof of the church structure was lifted off of the church during a powerful wind storm. The upcoming rainy season would surely destroy the foundation as well as the brand new benches. Once again, the community remained faithful and prayed and the additional funds were raised quickly and the roof was restored even better than before. Again, faith carried this community through.

Recently, the church building in Colora needed some routine maintenance items completed, such as painting, door hinges, and windows shutters. Those repairs have been completed. It continues to be a joy to play a small part in what God is going, in Haiti, through great churches and great leaders like Pastor Remy and the Church in Colora.







Blake LaMunyon

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