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Rosette Timeau, lived for years in a makeshift shack with her nine children. Their “little broken home” as she called it, had no place to sit or sleep, but to stand during the long nights of the rainy season. Her farming work was barely enough to support her family. Rosette remained faithful and continued to pray that one day she would have a safe home for her family.

Two years ago, Rosette’s life was changed when she received a new home through the generous donations of Hope Rising Haiti.




Our liason in Haiti, Enel, recently spoke with Rosette asking her how the new home has impacted her family. Here is a part of that conversation.

“I lived with my children for years in that situation. I had only one hope, that God could change all things. Now, I have been living in this beautiful and safe home with my family for almost two years. We have a new way of living. We are not afraid of the rainy seasons any more. To tell you the truth, now, we can’t wait for the rainy season to come because we will capture those waters to help the house function better. Words are not enough to tell you how happy we are for this amazing gift, and thank you for your love. Thank you to your beautiful team with golden hearts. May God bless you more every day of your life!”





Blake LaMunyon

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