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Denise Auguste loves the Lord and trusts Him to care for her family. She has seven children. They live together in a very unstable structure that leans dramatically to one side and seems ready to collapse at any moment.


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The humble home she and her family live in was built using wood and sheet metal scraps with a roof made of palm leaves and pieces of assorted plastics. The beaming sun causes the palm leaves to dry out and rot requiring them to be replaced twice each year. When the rainy season comes, the roof leaks, making the floor very muddy.

There is one bed in the house that three can sleep in. When asked where the rest of the children sleep, Denise pointed to the dirt floor. When asked how they choose who gets the privilege of sleeping in the bed, she smiled broadly and told the interpreter to tell us she chooses the children who are most behaved to sleep in the bed. Denise and her family know that God is very powerful and they have been praying for a safe and sturdy shelter and a few more beds.

Through the generosity of our faithful followers, Hope Rising Haiti is happy to let you know that we have the funding to begin building a new home for Denise and her family.



“The children at the orphanage doubted us, but were very interested to see how the “gâteau” would turn out. We forewarned them that the cake was not for them, only Wilfrid’s mother could eat it. We convinced Mercidieu to help us with the big baking oven and the cake was ready in just a few minutes. We locked up our masterpiece and called it a day, ready to tackle the project of frosting tomorrow.”



The quality of life in Haiti cannot rise without financial partners. We gratefully accept donations of any amount to directly benefit the Haitian people. Please consider joining the cause by making a donation.

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