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Noel and his family were overjoyed when their new home was constructed back in 2018.

Noel has continued to serve the Lord through his important work at the All God’s Children Orphanage near Mirebalais.

Those who know him, love and respect him. They reached out to us asking to build a latrine and shower area for him and his family. This private latrine brings the rare luxury of privacy and modesty in a remote area that lacks both.

The project gets underway with the official groundbreaking.


We are happy to report that the funds for this project were provided through the generosity of our supporters and the project was recently completed.


Our local liaison, Enel talked to Noel about this new addition to his home. Here is a part of what he had to say. “I want to especially thank you for the way your love and grace are spreading on my family. We didn’t have a good house, you built one for us, We lacked a latrine and bathing area, you just built them for us. God has answered our prayers. In a short time, the rainy season will come.

You did an amazing job building this quickly. Thank you to Pastor Blake and Hope Rising Haiti; you have changed the lives of my family. We really love you my dear friends. Thank you so much for your help!”

Thank you to all of you who help us change lives in Haiti.

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