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We shared with you the wedding of Charleston Dumas and his new wife, Ociane a couple of weeks ago. We have more good news.

Through the generosity of our Hope Rising Haiti supporters, we funded and completed the construction of a new, safe and sturdy home for the two of them to begin their new life together.

Months ago, when our team began assessing the land, they received the news that a neighboring widow, Elidiane Ciede, was also in need of a safe home. Our team developed a plan to build a duplex style home to suit the needs of both families.


Our friend and local liason, Enel, spoke to the newlyweds about their new home.  Here is part of what they want to tell you.

“We would like to thank Pastor Yves for caring about us so much.  He cares for us the way that a father cares for a son.  We also want to thank Pastor Blake and all he did to build us this safe home.  It is a wonderful thing that has happened to us.  It is like a dream come true.  We feel blessed to be part of God’s family and we know He answered our prayers.

Thank you all and God bless you!”


This side of the home, painted in light peach, will be the new home of Elidiane Ciede and her family. Elidiane is overjoyed to have the safe and sturdy home she has been praying for.  Enel spoke to her about her new home.  Here’s part of what she wanted to share with us.

“I want to thank God for his love and for sending this amazing team to help the poor.  May God continue to bless you and your team!

I also want to thank you for all you have done to change my life.  I was so afraid of each day because my house was not safe; especially during the rainy season.  Now I will enjoy it in my beautiful new home.  I am also very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to share my life with Charleston and Ociane.  Brother Dumas and his wife consider me to be part of their family too!  They complete my life.

Thank you to Pastor Blake and the Hope Rising Haiti team – words are not enough to explain how great my love is for you!  You have done so many great things with your love and I have been blessed with your love.  Thank you for all you have done for the communities in Haiti.  We love you all!”


Realizing that these homes lack electricity, our friend, Enel, reached out to us to help them by providing a rechargeable lamp for each of the families along with a few critical supplies to keep them sustained during this Covid pandemic.  We were more than happy to help with this request.  Here are some of the supplies that were delivered.

The lanterns were charged at a home near Mirebalais before given to the families.


Thank you for your support of Hope Rising Haiti and for helping these two families.

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